Sunday, 8 July 2012

research for the inkwell and table.

Hi there!

I could not get so much on the inkwell

I got a modern Inkwell with a plastic cap and an old ceramic one

Perhaps we can still use some parts of the design changing the materials and label.

The beginner's starter kit :-)

Inkwell with a goes feather.

Note: this inkwell did presumably never have a lid, perhaps it was filled from a larger bottle.
I can look into that if you want.
I think it looks relay cool, but perhaps a bit hard to make anthropomorphic, i don't know, perhaps the hole could be the mouth, this would affect the characters speech every time the goose feather was in it. Just a suggestion :-)

I have no idea about the date of this table, but it was placed in a house of a forester which was supposed to be decorated as in the 1860'ies - I am a bit in doubt of that so allow me to go back there (which I will during the holly days) and get the date sorted out.

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