Sunday, 8 July 2012

Reresearch for the candle part 1

Hi, I have been at a little trip to Hjerl Hede and did some research while i was there:

This is my research for Candle Holders only!!!

I found this candle holder at the shoemakers shop. They were used from god knows when and until mid 19. century. would be highly unfashionable in the 1850' but would still be in use, especially in shops and rural areas

 This version was found several places through the Museum, so I presume it was popular, I was told it was introduced in the 16.century and that it was replaced in the mid 19. century like the one above.

proparbly a better picture of how it is made than the one above, same principal of holding the light between two pieces of metal.

During the mid 19' century as with many other hand crafted items they were replaced with a cleaner looking industrialized products like this zink plated candle holder, however I don't yet know about when and how much zink plated items was aviable at that timeperiod. many of the old candle holders above was replaced by similar designs. My guess regarding the design of this mass produced candle holder is that it was inspired by similar cast brass candle holders found in the homes of the upper class even earlier.
I shall bring you a picture of a such later.

Two handsome enamel painted versions, perhaps a bit too young for our story I don't know yet it could just be an aesthetic stomach feeling of mine judging from the other things around at the time, since the fact remains that the enamel technique has been around in some form since the 11.century and blossomed throughout industrialization.

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  1. Awesome work Benny! This is all good stuff! I'm currently working on the first draft of the script and am going to have Jerrica look through it soon. I'll show what you have found as well in case that could be useful to see.